OCAC Executive Board

2019 - 2021 Executive Board

Executive Committee

Elected Positions

Appointed Positions

President: Latricia Pinder
1st Vice-President: Kristian Jenkins
2nd Vice-President: Felicia Jenkins
Recording Secretary: Kerline Docteur
Correspondence Secretary: Tashia Youmans
Financial Secretary: Constance Clark
Asst. Financial Secretary: Jimita Jones
Treasurer: Tianna Campbell

Nominating Committee
Chairperson: Estelle Price
Member - Arlene Grant
Member - Sabrina Britt
Member - Melissa Glenn

Internal Audit
Chairperson:  Soror Ayana Hastings-Beckford

Chaplain: Carla Toles-McKinney
Custodian of Properties: Demetria Richard
Historian: Gaye Simpkins
Parliamentarian: Melinda Poole
Sergeant-at-Arms: Brittney Greene

Chapter Committee Chairs & Co-Chairs

Arts and Letters
Chairperson: Norma Bynes
Co-Chairperson: Ruth Jayson-Polk

Awards and Recognition
Chairperson:  Michelle Mangum

Chaplain's Corner
Chairperson: Deanna Smith
Co-Chairperson: Teresha Thomas

Collegiate Connection
Co-Chairperson:  Danielle Stevens Hunter

Delta Academy
Chairperson: V. Shante Smith
Co-Chairperson: Demetria Richards

Delta GEMS
Chairperson: Dominique Kinsler
Co-Chairperson: Tamika Matthews

Economic Development
Chairperson: Elouise Bryant
Co-Chairperson: Alisha Taylor

Educational Development
Chairperson: Hollie Henry

Chairperson: Larolyn Tomlinson Ellis
Co-Chairperson: Mary Whorley

Chairperson: Anelle Ward

Chairperson:  Melinda Poole
Co-Chairperson:  Darlene Horton

Emergency Response Team (ERT)
Chairperson: Latosha Newsome

Finance (Budget)
Chairperson: Tianna Campbell

Founders Day
Chairperson: Wilhemina Ford
Co-Chairperson: Demetria Richard
Co-Chairperson: Shirley Sharpe-Terrell
Co-Chairperson: Chundra Evens
Co-Chairperson: Arlene Grant
Co-Chairperson: Shante Quinzy
Co-Chairperson: Joy Porter Wright

Chairperson: Brittney Greene
Co-Chairperson: Arlene Grant

Heritage and Archives
Chairperson: Soror Alexis George

International Awareness and Involvement
Chairperson: Deborah Kirby

May Week
Chairperson: Dominique Kinsler

Membership Services
Chairperson: Felicia Jenkins
Co-Chairperson: Natalie Ford

NPHC (National Pan-Hellenic Council) Representatives
Representative: Sharon Richardson

Physical and Mental Health
Chairperson: Tamika Matthews
Co-Chairperson: Lena Holton

Program Planning and Development
Chairperson: Kristian Jenkins

Protocol and Traditions
Chairperson: Monica Riley
Co-Chairperson: Minner Baldwin

Policies and Procedures
Chairperson: Gaye Simpkins

Political Awareness and Involvement and Social Action
Chairperson: Sharon Williams

Properties and Rituals
Chairperson: Demetria Richard

Chairperson: Kerline Docteur
Chairperson: Tashia Youmans

Risk Management
Co-Chairperson: Kristian Jenkins
Co-Chairperson: Carla McKinney

Scholarship and Awards
Co-Chairperson: Daralene Jones
Co-Chairperson: Jibria White

Step Team
Chairperson: Iesha Sharpe

Chairperson: Sharon Williams

Torch of Excellence
Chairperson: Monica Riley