OCAC Executive Board

2019 - 2021 Executive Board

Chapter Officers
President Latricia Pinder orangecountyfldst@gmail.com
1st Vice President Kristian Jenkins
2nd Vice President Felicia Jenkins
Recording Secretary Kerline Docteur
Corresponding Secretary Tashia Youmans
Financial Secretary Constance Clark
Assistant Financial Secretary Jimita Jones
Treasurer Tianna Campbell
Chaplain Carla McKinney
Custodian of Properties Demetria Richard
Historian Gaye Simpkins
Parliamentarian Melinda Poole
Sergeant-at-Arms Brittney Greene
Chair, Nominating Committee Minner Baldwin
Chair, Internal Audit Ayana Beckford
Arts and Letters
Chair Norma Bynes
Awards and Recognition
Chair Michelle Mangum
Chaplain's Corner
Chair Deanna Smith
Co-Chair Teresha Thomas
Collegiate Transition
Chair Ashley Estimable
Delta Academy
Chair V. Shante Smith
Co-Chair Demetria Richard
Delta GEMS
Chair Tanya Petties Shepherd
Co-Chair Dominique Kinsler
Co-Chair Tamika Matthews
Economic Development
Chair Elouise Bryant
Educational Development
Chair Hollie Henry
Chair Larolyn Ellis
Chair Melinda Poole
Co-Chair Darlene Horton
Chair Tianna Campbell
Founders Day
Chair Wilhemina Ford
Chair Brittney Greene
Heritage and Archives
Chair Alexis George
International Awareness and Involvement
Chair Deborah Kirby
May Week
Chair Dominique Kinsler
Membership Services
Chair Felicia Jenkins
Physical and Mental Health
Chair Tamika Matthews
Program Planning and Development
Chair Kristian Jenkins
Chair Monica Riley
Co-Chair Minner Baldwin
Policies and Procedures
Chair Alicia Robinson
Co-Chair LaZondra Randolph
Political Awareness and Involvement / Social Action
Chair Sharon Williams
Chair Kerline Docteur
Risk Management
Coordinator Kristian Jenkins
Coordinator Carla McKinney
Step Team
Chair I'esha Sharpe
Chair Sharon Williams
Torch of Excellence
Chair Monica Riley